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The Only Place to Exercise in Lexington

Getting yourself motivated to be healthy and working out today can be a challenge. For some people they can’t get enough of it.  I know me personally I’m kind of sitting on the fence.  I love to work out and play sports, but my schedule is so busy that I find it hard sometimes to exercise like I need to.  However, I’ve found that one place that makes it easier for me is the Lexington Athletic Club! They have so much there that it’s hard not to love it! If you love cardio, this is the place for you! They have all kinds of treadmills, stairmasters, and elliptical machines you can choose from.  In fact, they have over 100+ peices of cardio! Oh yeah, and they are all in front of eighteen 55″ flatscreen TV’s! You just plug in your headphones into the TV port on the machine and choose which channel you want to listen to and you can work out while getting entertained all the same time! I don’t know about you, but that makes working out exciting to me!

If you like weight lifting, they got that too. Lots of it actually! From machines to free weights, you can do anything you want. Strength training is something you will be able to excel in at LAC.  I personally love the machines.  They make it easier for me as I’m currently out of shape.

One thing about LAC that we just love is the little things.  For one, they have towels available right there as you walk in that are fresh and available anytime.  Might seem like a small thing, but I love the convenience.  Two, did you know LAC has a cafe?  They have protein drinks, healthy food you can get to replenish your body, or you can just get something to snack on.  Third, LAC cares about your health and will do everything they can to make you feel comfortable.  They have a room just for women who might be a little insecure, but still want to work out.  They want to encourage women to work out and want them to be as comfortable as they can.  That’s pretty stand up! There are several trainers you can talk to to work one-on-one with somebody.  There are also classes you can join! And the staff is incredibly friendly and supportive! If you ask me, it’s the only place to exercise in Lexington!

For more info, check them out at www.trylac.com

Follow them on Facebook at Lexington Athletic Club and on Twitter at @JoinLAC