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Three Social Media Needs for Small Business

In today’s world, marketing isn’t just done in the old traditional ways anymore. That goes without being said (I would think). However, many small businesses miss out on what marketing has to offer. You need to be creative, interactive, and social if you want to maximize your full potential as a business. Phoenix Blue excels at this and is a partner you can trust when it comes to new age marketing. Now, that’s a shameless plug if I’ve ever heard one. But I really believe that. Social media is a big piece of the marketing puzzle and we love it. Did you know that social media is much more then posting about new products or services? More then letting people know what hours of the day you’re open? Social media is much bigger and deeper than that and there are some key elements you need to take advantage of if you want to maximize your profits while building relationships with your customers. So that brings us to three needs that small businesses can use to grow their social media and maximize their online marketing efforts.

Firehouse Subs1. Design and Branding on Facebook

Customized tabs, branded Facebook cover arts, and a branded and clear profile picture are vital to maximizing your full potential on Facebook. Customized tabs give you visibility, attraction, and a visual tool to help your page become more interactive and appealing to consumers on Facebook. It’s a great way to build a “mini-website” within Facebook. You can create tabs to give people information while making it visually attractive. Customized cover arts and a branded profile picture will take your branding to a whole new level. I know we harp on this a lot if you read our blogs, but it matters for credibility and professionalism. Much more than that, you should care about branding. Long term, it matters!

Social Content2. Strategic Posting Plan

Having a strategic posting plan will make it or break it for you on social media. You can’t have a successful social media marketing campaign just on popularity alone. Well, unless you’re Kim K. But since most of us aren’t, having a plan matters a ton. How many times have you seen celebrities or politicians tweet or Facebook something that wasn’t strategic and it came back to bite them? It’s happened more times that we can count. How you go about posting matters, when you’re posting and what content you are posting all matters. Get a plan and stick with it.

3. Partnerships

Creating partnerships in social media can really go a long way, especially for small business. It allows you to work with other companies in cross-promotions, contests, and sponsorships. Each follower on your pages matter because they are people, not a number. And they like your page for a reason and probably have friends and family that could be potential followers too. The strategy for this will vary depending on what type of business you run, but it’s something that works well when done right. Creating partnerships with other friends and companies could double or triple the amount of people you could potentially reach otherwise. And that, my friends, can be worth a lot of money. We’ve done several contests where we involved our clients and partners that turned out great. So, don’t burn your bridges and take care of the people around you. The more friends and partnerships you make, the more value your posts will have.

If you want more information on this, don’t hesitate to contact us. Be sure to sign up for our email newsletter today for more tips on how social media can help your business.

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Looking for an internship? Join our team!

Are you looking for an internship? Well come fly with Phoenix Blue!

Graphic Designer – We are looking for a graphic design intern that would be interested in gaining some great experience designing logo’s, customized tabs, Twitter backgrounds, and so much more.  With Phoenix Blue you will get tons of experience that you can use for college credit or for just experience in the field. So get real life experience and join the Phoenix Blue team!

Sales – We are looking for dedicated, sales minded, hard working sales interns that want real world experience! We do all kinds of marketing which will give you a great scale and wide variety of markets to find your niche in. Get the experience you need and join the Phoenix Blue team today!

If you are interested in joining our team and interning in something other than what is listed above, send us a proposal of why you want to intern with us and what position you would want.

Send us your resume and what you wish to intern for at info@phoenixblue.com

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Ol’ Tom Cat

When it comes to UK sports, Tom Leach is the purr that gets your blood flowing. Tom is well known as the “Voice of the Wildcats” as he does all of the play-by-play for University of Kentucky football and basketball radio broadcasts. He also has a radio production that focuses on Big Blue sports titled “The Leach Report.” Tom has plenty of fans on the radio front… but it hasn’t stopped him from reaching  out to even more people with social media. That’s why he came to Phoenix Blue. We have helped Tom grow his followers online by keeping them informed of what Tom has to say on and off the air. We interact with his fans during The Leach Report by posting questions and Tom’s answers, letting them know the line-up of the show, and posting Tom’s news about the Wildcats. We love how excited people get about UK sports because it truly exemplifies pure passion. You wont find any band-wagons around here. This is why the Big Blue Nation will live forever. #BBN #TomLeachKy

Follow Tom on Twitter @TomLeachKY and friend him on Facebook at “The Leach Report” http://www.facebook.com/LeachReport


Are you taking advantage?

In case you haven’t noticed, advertising is ramping up this time of year. You might notice the Santa commercials or ads that have more deals in them than your head can fathom.  Either way, it’s impossible to ignore.  As a side note, our favorite so far this year has to be the Chevy commercials that have Santa as a car salesman.

“…Oh really what do hunt? Deer….(oh crap thats Santa)…Fish (awkward stare)…”

You can see the whole extended commercial here. I highly recommend watching it.

Anyway, getting back on track, with the season getting busy, you need to sit back and ask yourself, are you really taking advantage it? And you don’t need Santa in your commercials in order to do so.  Here is what we think you need to do in order to really get what you want this holiday season.

1. Social Media

If you aren’t on Facebook or Twitter at the very least, you’re missing out big time! Facebook and Twitter alone can bring you so much its ridiculous. If you want your information to get out quick and in an efficient way, this is a great way to start. And the beauty is, if your social media is handled right, you won’t have to do much and let the viral marketing begin.  Gotta love Facebook and Twitter.  Also take advantage of customized tabs on Facebook! It’s so frustrating to me when I look at a company page on Facebook and there is no tabs, no information, and they are completely wasting their full potential!  Did you know that you can sell things through those tabs? As in make money and profit? Turns out that you can do that and its highly, highly recommended! Take advantage!

2. Deals, Deals, Deals,

Everywhere you look during the holidays, there are huge deals on most products. And companies do it because…well..its a good idea.  When people are buying things at such a rapid pace, it’s smart and very effective.  Here is the kicker. How you market those deals maters a lot.  For one, see #1 above.  Secondly, have your website updated with your deals and have online only deals.  Nothing will drive your online marketing and online business more than having web only deals.  It’s hard for me to say this since I’m not the biggest of fans, but The Home Depot generally does this really well! Thirdly, make commercials that have Santa selling cars.

3. It’s about people

If you focus strictly on business and forget why and who you are marketing too, you are missing the whole point.  And as a business, you want to humanize yourself to people.  Giving a personal touch can go a long way in marketing.  That’s what Phoenix Blue is all about.  It doesn’t matter if it’s social media, commercials, or deals, if you don’t make it personal to people, you’re going to miss out and miss out big during this time.  Take advantage of not only being smart to make more money, but take advantage of being an influence and building your brand in a way that changes the authenticity bar.  Set it high and you’ll be blown away by how much it changes your business this season.


From The Rail to Your Radio

I grew up in the middle of a town in Michigan and we didn’t see very many horses.  And it wasn’t part of my culture at all for most of my life. When I moved here to Kentucky it was very much a culture shock to me and I found out horses are big here. I guess that’s why they call it the horse capital of the world. I still didn’t know much about horses or horse racing but it was obviously a very popular thing here and it caught my attention a little bit. And I loved the idea of horses being athletes and being treated and honored as such.

In 2009 I started working for the Horse Racing Radio Network (HRRN)  which is based here in Lexington, KY and I started learning a ton and really falling in love with the sport. HRRN is owned by Mike Penna and is one of the best stand-up guys I know. He’s very good at broadcasting and getting people excited about the sport and what’s going on.  His co-host is Jude Feld who used to be a trainer and has some amazing insight into the sport. They have a weekly radio show on Saturday mornings at 8AM called the Equine Forum. It’s a great show to learn more about horse racing, gain some great insight on how to bet and what to expect from the horses. I know 8AM is early on a Saturday! But it’s worth getting up and listening to the show for a few hours! These guys are awesome and I promise you won’t regret getting up to listen to them! They also travel to broadcast the biggest races during the year. You can hear them at all the Triple Crown races, the Breeders’ Cup World Championships, and everything in between.  And they are very entertaining and fun to listen to! So many times I’ve heard of people turning off the sound to a TV broadcast and listing to HRRN as the audio as they watch certain races.

I’ve loved getting to work with HRRN! These guys are awesome and even as an average fan of the sport you will really enjoy it! So if you want to follow horse racing or even are just interested, give these guys a shot! Check them out at www.horseracingradio.net, on Facebook at Horse Racing Radio Network, and on Twitter @HRRN!

Phoenix Blue LogoV4

Blue Looks Good On You

Phoenix Blue LogoV4As a company, Phoenix Blue is all about investing in the community and that means on all levels. JD and myself have had many discussions on how important it is to our hearts that we make individual sacrifices to show love towards others. There is nothing more gratifying on Earth, than to see a smile spread across someones face and knowing you had something to do with it. This, my friend, is beauty to the core.

Here recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a meeting held by the Lexington Fashion Collaborative. LFC is a non-profit organization  made up of all sorts of artists who have the passion and gall to show their creativity through design and fashion. Hairstylists, Make-up Artists, Photographers, Designers, Models, and anyone aspiring to do something within the fashion world meet collectively and discuss the upcoming events and whatever is on their minds, really. As soon as I walked in and and strutted my stuff across the wooden floor of the Lexington Arts Center, I was greeted with the smiles and waves of friends and strangers alike. I listened to everyone introducing themselves, and as they explained what they do… some with day jobs and some full time into fashion. Everyone seemed excited to talk about themselves, except for my beautiful friend Keisha who was sick and kinda sounded like Justin Bieber, so I followed suit and talked about Phoenix Blue and how I love fashion and football (unusual combo, I know lol). After we all had finished talking about ourselves and bragging politely about how awesome we are, we got down to business… talking about how we could HELP each other as the fashion community and how we could help others that were less fortunate around us. I loved the vibe that was buzzing about the room and how thick the atmosphere had filled with the love and compassion that we are built to express. Ideas flew around as hands shot up and people spoke their minds… never to mention their own needs, but to what was needed by others. It was absolutely amazing and it made my heart super happy.

 “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.”

Phoenix Blue will be supporting the LFC in any way or fashion (lol) possible and we would like to encourage you to do so as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to Email us or go to the website of the Lexington Fashion Collaborative or contact them via Facebook .


Why Social Media Matters

I used to work for a company that had some really great people that I really loved working with a ton.  It was a great company but I think they missed out on their full potential.  They didn’t invest in social media at all and I tried urging them to invest in it.  As my time with them went on I invested as much time into it as I could.  And the best part?  I could see it making a difference.  Their Facebook pages looked great with customized tabs, their Twitter page had solid backgrounds and were being used often, and LinkedIn started to create some buzz.  The hard part was if I didn’t do it though, no one else would have.

Today, social media is such a huge tool that you don’t want to miss out on. I’ve seen businesses make sales just on Facebook alone. At some restaurants, you can get a reservation using Twitter.  One of the biggest things I’ve ever seen on social media is Macy’s $1 Million Makeover contest.  You can check out the intro video here: http://ow.ly/7yad6

The contest was completely done on social media.  You had to enter on Facebook in which thousands and thousands of people entered.  Voting for the contestants selected was all done on Facebook and Twitter and all marketing efforts was done solely on social media.  It became a huge success just using the power of social media.  And while I realize Macy’s is a big corporation, it’s a great example of the power social media has.

Social media will grow your business.  It’s important so invest in it.  Take the time and money to pour into this and I promise you will start to see some amazing results! I leave you with this article.  Great article on a company that went from no social media to realizing how vital it was for them.  Check it out: http://ow.ly/7yaI8

Phoenix Blue Marketing and Advertising Is Here

Phoenix Blue is here and we are ready! We are not only a marketing and advertising company but we are a company that wants to change peoples’ lives. In order to do that you need to connect with your clients and consumers on a personal level. And that is what Phoenix Blue is all about. The Phoenix represents many things, but one big thing it represents is new beginnings. And we want to help that happen in people. Whether you’re a business, a church, or a charity we want to help bring something new in your life that will not only impact you but also the people around you. We will host events and different things in our communities in order to bring in money so that we can give it to the foundations and organizations that need it to change our communities. And we want to partner with you.

If you’re a charity or business that wants to be involved, let us know. We would love to do something with you.