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Why social media design and branding matters

Social media has been defined as the use of web-based and mobile technologies used to turn communication into interaction between organizations and individuals. It’s not a rare occasion to turn on the TV and see an advertisement for a business and see their Facebook and Twitter info. Tons of businesses have finally caught on and realized the potential of social media and how it can grow their businesses. However, to truly take advantage of all the opportunities social media provides, some sort of strategy or design needs to be applied. That’s where we come in.

Website design is vital but a dominant social media presence is what will drive traffic to your site. Social media design will be attractive, professional and establish credibility. Most importantly, this will establish branding. Branding doesn’t happen overnight, but will attain loyal customers long term and you will imprint your business into people. We, at Phoenix Blue, excel at social media design and branding, making it not only attractive, but also interactive. If you aren’t familiar with any social media design, there are several Facebook pages that I’d recommend following. Dunkin Donuts, Adidas, and Visa are some big brands that do this well. On a local level, here are a couple of pages we did that match that level of branding and design and these pages do well on a local leve. Check out The Leach Report, Bleed Blue Kentucky, and the Horse Racing Radio Network. Facebook tabs makes it easier for your clients or customers to access the information they want in an easy, clear manner without the hassle of searching through pages and pages of other posts while gaining interaction with the page. They also make contests easy to run giving your business the opportunity gain more Likes. These can also be branded which will just enhance your overall branding while gaining a bigger audience. Your design matters. If you have a bland, boring page, nobody will want to come to it. You want your store or website to look clean and nice to impress customers; do the same for your social pages. It’s fun and draws your attention, that’s when you gain the most out of Facebook.

Twitter is another very popular social platform that allows for branding. Not only can we design a fresh, eye-popping layout for your page, but we can also come up with a design for who, what, when, where, and how you tweet. For instance, a great brand that does this well that we’ve had the privilege of being a part is the Leach Report. The page is branded real well, as well as graphics he tweets, contests, and show questions. Tom does a great job of incorporating his brand and design into his social strategies to gain a really good followership. Twitter is great for many things, but don’t underestimate the branding you can do with it.

While Pinterest and Instagram are great platforms for branding, the last one I want to focus on is Google Plus. Google plus has recently updated their cover photo to be pretty much the whole page which allows for branding on all kinds of levels. This is a very new format but the opportunities are endless when it comes to branding and campaigns.

Each business has their own target market that requires special attention in order to satisfy all their needs. Your business will want analyze those needs and design a specific, detailed social media plan for your target. Once interaction with your audience begins, that presence is established and consumer loyalty comes into fruition. Not only will your business grow, but your clientele’s appreciation for your business will grow as well.

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